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Festiniog Rly Semi-Open Bogie Coach 37 & 38

Parkside Dundas
OO9/HOe Scale
Number: DM22

Oncludes parts for one coach.

This kit contains a plastic body including internal detail, one-piece bogies with metal wheels, handrail wire, white metal vacuum pipes etc. The bogies are designed to use Bemo OO9 couplings (not included) In the early 1970s with the prospect of the four wheel coaches being withdrawn for rebuilding two semi-open tourist bogie coaches were constructed. Each coach has four compartments, all third class with a seating capacity of 32. These coaches were built at the Festiniog Railways Boston Lodge works along the lines of the "Toastrack" coaches supllied by Robery Hudson LTD of leeds in 1923 using W.W.1 war dept. class "D" underframes.

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